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LE collection

LE is a limited capsule collection of technical clothing and headwear built for your run, and maybe, the times in between. 

for this inaugural launch of our LIFE EDITIONS, our focus was to build those pieces that live in between. 


the pant* we can wear on the way to the track workout and end up living in the rest of the day. the t-shirt that feels right for an evening out with friends but performs on the easy run the morning after. a cap inspired by a late 80’s painters cap, but flipped technical in modern fabrics. a short* that’s versatile enough for a weekend camping trip that turns quickly into a weekend trail running adventure. 


the fit is right and the fabrics, including a light weight ripstop, a soft and all natural Sorino cotton hemp mesh and a full stretch rib, serve up performance, protection and some style without compromise. 

*the EVDPant and EVDShort are available in our second phase of this launch in the coming weeks, sign up for notifications on the product page and you will be the first to know when these items are in stock

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