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considered fabric technologies

it starts here. if you want quality, performance, protection and environmental consideration in the products you choose to run in, fabric is the foundation. we work with the best mills globally to design and develop true technical performance fabrics for the high impact aerobic activity of running. using recycled fibers, advanced engineered knits, woven constructions, laminates and finishes, our yarn, fabric and membrane choices are ground zero in our efforts to design the best for those who move to movement.

“the world class knit mesh technology that started it all“


COOLmatic is engineered for breathability and moisture management.

- highly breathable for temperature regulation at any pace.

- innovative structure creates capillary action which instantly wicks moisture away from the body.

- high airflow aids in evaporative cooling and enables rapid drying.

“proven knit technology, elevated with cooling and anti-odour finish“

COOLmatic | PLUS™

COOLmatic | PLUS is engineered for breathable performance with enhanced moisture management and anti-odour technology.

- our foundational breathable, moisture-wicking knit technology treated with cooling and anti-odour technologies for even greater performance and protection.

- hydrophobic treatment provides advanced moisture management for enhanced cooling. anti-odour treatment prohibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

“our highest performance knit and mesh, enhanced with carbon fiber“

COOLmatic | EXP™

a new echelon in running apparel technology, developed by Ciele. Our world class knit mesh, embedded with custom carbon fiber thread for performance and protection that never wavers. This is our top-of-the-line technology you’ll reach for year in, year out.

- High performance carbon makes all the difference. By knitting carbon fiber into our renowned COOLmatic material, we’ve simultaneously enhanced wicking, breathability, cooling, and anti-odour properties.

- Carbon is not only naturally antimicrobial (inhibiting the growth of odour-causing bacteria), it also absorbs odours.

- Carbon fiber nanotubes enhance wicking by creating more channels for capillary action. This enhanced moisture management means greater breathability and temperature regulation.

- Because carbon is knit within the construction of the fabric, its anti-odour and enhanced wicking features are inherent. That means its performance will never fade or wash out.

- The added performance and protection of carbon fiber doesn’t stop with advanced wicking, breathability, cooling, and anti-odour performance.

- Carbon also enables EXP to be exceptionally lightweight, with high stretch and durability, and a sturdy yet soft feel.

“wonder knit built with the strength, comfort and performance of nature fibers“


our Sorino takes the technical features of natural fibers and knits them in to a performance ready fabric.

- knit structure allows for intrinsic wicking capabilities and makes it highly breathable.

- merino is not only naturally antimicrobial (inhibiting the growth of odour-causing bacteria), it also has exceptional temperature control and breathability.

- hemp has advanced wicking properties similar to polyester. It is durable, breathable and organically anti-odour.

- silk is known for it's luxurious strength, accelerated wicking and breathability.

- cotton is soft, comfortable and highly breathable. No wonder it is one of the oldest fibers.

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